A Full List of All the Hosting Features We Offer

Find a full list of all the features that are included in every package we offer

All the tools you need…

cPanel allows you to setup e-mail accounts, access webmail, create databases, install software in a few clicks, monitor visitors with Awstats and much more!

PHP Scripting Support

Our web hosting supports the latest scripting software – PHP 4.4 – 7.0. We also offer MySQL 5, so that you can run the latest versions of your website


From our starter package upwards, you can run multiple websites from one hosting package.All our packages allow you to host unlimited websites!

1-Click App Installs

Our web hosting plans let you install WordPress, Jooma, Drupal and over 300+ other applications in just one click. No technical knowledge is required.

Easy File Management

You can manage your website files in a number of easy ways: through standard FTP, online file manager, or through a desktop program such as Dreamweaver.

Multiple FTP Accounts

There is no need to give developers full access to your account. You can limit FTP users to specific directories by setting up multiple FTP accounts.

UK Technical Support

Vision-hosting is technically-led and our staff are ‘techies’. If you have a problem, you’ll be talking to someone in the UK who will try to help, rather than to a support-robot.


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File Security

We implement a number of custom scripts to keep your data secure. We also run PHP in your username, limiting your exposure to other users.


Use Any Domain

You can use any domain name with our hosting, it doesn’t matter if it’s purchased with another provider.

Unlimited Sub Domains

A sub domain – anything.your-domain.com allows you to split off sections of your site, perhaps a checkout, a forum, or a members area.

Host Multiple Sites

Depending on your package you can host multiple web sites on a single hosting account.

DNS Management

We provide full DNS management tools for you to manage your domains DNS, so you can point your website at another provider if you wished.

Unlimited Domain Aliases

Domain aliases are great for catching typos when people miss spell your domain, or having multiple extensions, .co.uk, .com etc.


Setup redirects to redirect any address to another, for instance if you moved a page to a new address.


Your own Domain Name

Use your own domain as your email address, have as many me@domain.com email accounts as you want!

Mobile Device Sync

Sync your email to your mobile device using IMAP. Supported all devices including iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.

Unlimited Mailboxes

Create unlimited email accounts as you want and assign them as who you want.

Desktop Email

As well as webmail and mobile email hosting, sync your mail with your favourite desktop email program such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Mac Mail.

Powerful Spam Filtering

Powerful spam filtering including your own black lists, whitelists and individual email filters to match things like the subject.

Unlimited Forwarders

Create unlimited email forwarders to any account, forward specific addresses to other email accounts, or forward every email you receive.



PHP services are available to be updated based on the users account. You select your version and modules.


MySQL Services are kept up to date with the latest versions to keep you online.

Perl, CGI & Python

As well as PHP we offer Perl, CGI and Python scripting.

Memory & Execution Time

All servers have high memory usage rates and execution time so your scripts won’t hit any limits.

Online Database Admin

Manage your database online using popular and industry leading phpMyAdmin

Cron Jobs

We don’t have any limits on Crons, you can setup as many as you like and run them as often as you need.

Many Modules

All of the most popular PHP Modules are available to all accounts, this includes GD, Mcypt, Zip and more.

Unlimited Database Size

We don’t limit your database size, so you can grow and grow.

Custom Error Pages

Setup custom 404 and other pages to give your site that professional look.

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