11 Jun 2016

PHP 7 Now Available on our Cloud Platform

Here at Vision-Hosting we are always working to improve and offer the latest and greatest technology around, we are excited to now be able to offer all our customers the ability to use PHP 7, the latest available release of PHP.

Why use PHP 7?

PHP version 7 offers a whole range of new features that include improvements that offer web developers more efficient and cleaner code. There is a wide range of new improvements to the PHP technology, most of which I cannot cover here in detail but we have pulled out some of the new exciting features it offers:
Improved Performance: In order to improve the way PHP works, the php team have rewritten how the PHP interpreter works which allows them to improve the speed at which PHP executes code. They have achieved this by reducing the required CPU cycles which have resulted in improvements between 25% up to 70%.

The Operator (Spaceship): The <=> operator allows a user to compare two different expressions and return if the expressing is greater than, equal to, or less than the values that are being checked against it.

Return Type Declarations: You can now specify what sorts of data types a custom function will accept and return allowing the web develop to set a level of requirement in their application, This introduces a level of strictness which allows PHP to know to try to convert the data types or throw exceptions.
Null coalesce operator: An improvement on the existing ternary operator which allows you to directly compare whether the item you’re checking. Previously if you wanted to see if a variable was set and take action accordingly you’d need to combine the “?” operator with the “isset” function. The new “??” operator lets you do this without needing to call another function.

Filter unserialized data: The unserialize function, used to take serialized arrays and convert them back into standard arrays, now has the ability to apply filters to the data being converted. This means it is now easier to handle the unserializing of data, especially from untrusted sources, in a much safer way and reduce the risk of code injection

For more information regarding the most recent version of PHP visit their website at php.net


How to use PHP 7 on our Cloud Platform?

Step 1: Login to your Control Panel

Step 2: Locate the ‘Software’ section and clic the ‘PHP Version’ Icon’ (See Image Below)


Step 3: Once inside the PHP Selector, expand the drop down menu, select the php version you would like to run and click “Set as current”



Step 4: If you require different PHP options, you can select the required options and click Save

Once you have clicked save, this will take a couple of moments to apply the changes to your account.

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